Mer (Light) Ka (Spirit) Ba (Body)

Daily Affirmation/Intention

My Intention for today is:

Big dreams
Dare to dream big dreams. For those are the dreams that have the power to push your whole world forward.
Expect great and wonderful and magnificent things in your life. For what you expect, you experience.
Fulfillment is always yours to create in your own unique way. Joy is always yours to live and to give.
The only limitation on life's richness is what you choose to imagine. So imagine a life that is filled with meaning in every moment, and then allow yourself to experience it all.
Within you is a spirit that can easily overwhelm any external factor. Touch the depth of that spirit and set it free to positively transform your world right now.
Envision that you feel the best you can possibly feel in this moment, and give that vision life right now. Fully enjoy and fulfill the beautiful, unique person you are.
-- Ralph Marston

Quote of the day


Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara
“Let peace be our rallying call and compassion be our armor.”

Angel of Wealth

Angel of Wealth
I intend that I am living in grace and gratitude.


Remembering the ways of Old.....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Turning Point to 2012

As we enter into the Shift of the Ages, prophesized by the ancient ones . . . a place many feel is the time leading up to 2012, we reach a point of no return. At this turning point, the balance of life begins to move away from the world of the past and begins to relocate in a new cycle of time that we see as our future. The door behind us slams shut, while a new door creaks open. It is a strangely, empty pause . . . like when a wave goes out, and the new one as not yet arrived. At this point, the stars, the universe, and the center of all that is all align with one magical place. That place is the source, or core, within each of us. We can call this place by many names, the light, the higher self, etc…, but whatever we name it, this place is the same in each of us. It is who we truly are.
The ancients have also said that a day would come that we would have to make a choice. During a healing session with a dear soul sister, Kenyon, ( I came to realize in a vision that we have reached this turning point, and it is now time for us all to make powerful choices. This vision made all the crazy, compressed, and fragmented energy that we have been feeling make some sense to me.
In the vision, I saw a magnificent, golden, double door archway in which I was invited into a foyer by a glorious looking master with no name. The doorway seemed to be made out of solid gold, but it glowed. Past the doorway and inside the foyer, there was a large round chamber. There were huge rings on the floor. These rings looked like they were made out of stone and looked incredibly ancient . . . yet pristine and new. They were exquisitely carved with symbols. The stone circles had little star bursts of light emanating out from them. There might have been 5 to 7 rings working inside of each other. These rings turned within each other like a giant combination lock.
The Master said "This is where you are now." . . . like I knew where I was. I knew he did not mean just me. He meant we were ALL at this place in time in our evolution. Then I was shown that this giant combination lock was a giant vortex or matrix of unlimited possibilities that we could manifest in our very near future. It is here right now, in this very moment, that we can decide where we are going, what we want it to be like, and how it will feel. The utter volume of possibilities was overwhelming to me, and the symbols I didn't understand. The symbols on the stones were transmitting a message to me, but not in a language I knew in this moment.
I asked the Master "Where should I go? What should I choose? The Master replied "You must do the choosing." But out in front were all these realities that I had not been to before. They were foreign to me, yet strangely familiar. I was insecure and said "How can I choose something I don't know in this moment?!" And the Master said "You choose with your heart." I knew that these beautiful, unknown worlds within worlds were calling me, and ALL of US, to take a stand and make a choice for our future.
Then I became aware of the huge effect these choices would have on our lives, but also the lives of future generations! The Ancients said that "There will come a day that you will have to choose.", and that day is knocking on our door right now. We are breaking new ground in a new world. We are building new bridges for us and for future generations to cross. We are creating the infrastructure in which to build a new world upon! "Wow!" I thought, "This is heavy work we are doing here." This would explain why we feel the way we do. I thought to myself "I sure hope we get some cosmic brownie points for all of this."
The Master then asked me to stand in the center of this stone ring, and I felt myself anchor to all the possibilities. It felt like a collapse of time, space and dimension into the present now. I was everywhere all at once. This explained the feeling that I have been having . . . like the tension of an approaching storm that never breaks through and rains. I realized that it will not rain until we have made our choices. We get a grand release when we choose one side or the other. It was here that the vision ended. The healing session was over. It was time for me to go back home.
The Star Elders say that we have already created a new Golden Age in spirit. We felt its birth in the year 2008. Now it is beginning to manifest the infrastructure of a new world in the physical 3D world. As it begins to manifest, the energy downloads and the insistent unending pressure for us to take a stand and make a choice will become increasing more powerful and impossible to ignore. We are being called to fully step into our roles as co-creators within the collective consciousness. Yes, we are feeling like we are going to explode . . . (remember the movie POWDER?). Many feel that they have already died and begun to take the journey to another reality. I don't argue that this might in fact be absolutely true. How would we know? Our third eye is getting slammed with the matrix of future possibilities. This is going to cause some temporary headaches, nausea, and generally some unexplained and unrealistic uneasiness. The energy will feel very fragmented and compressed as we experience a time, space and dimensional break down. This energy is clearing out an old obsolete world. Humpty Dumpty has fallen of the wall, and he is not coming back together again. The egg is breaking right before our eyes.
The new world is becoming a sledge hammer of light and it wants US to make a leap into it now. Remember . . . WE are our own Ancestors returned. The divine light inside of us will lead the way. Keep moving, keep choosing, and keep on keeping on. Everything will be fine if we gratefully and ceaselessly listen to our hearts.

~ Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ~
August 26,2006

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Spirit vs. Ego

HAS IT EVER FELT THAT THERE WERE TWO OPPOSING FORCES inside you, each pulling in opposite directions? One, simply loves life and people, and is endlessly curious about exploring and experiencing the world. This "energy force" is ALIVE and free, creative, expressive, abundant and playful. This part of ourselves guides us calmly and adeptly through new and challenging experiences. Its guidance doesn’t come from the "head’s thinking"; IT is much more powerful, wise, clear and knowing than the mind. Intuition, heart, inspiration, love, joy and peace are associated with this energy. When we access IT, we feel warmth, serenity, centered and connected to the world. Life flows. We’re fulfilled, fully self-expressed, and every moment IS a "magic moment". When we live from this space, we KNOW - "all is well" and life is a joy.

I call this energy force "spirit" or soul. And, it’s always there for us to access.
The other "energy force" is more practical, cautious, judgmental, and protective. This force wants to look good for others, or at the very least, avoid looking bad. "It" likes to control, although pretends that it’s not. "It" views the world as a potentially harmful place, fears being hurt and exposed, thus remains separate, isolated and closed from others. It blames, criticizes, compares, and makes excuses. "Should" is one of its favorite words. This energy looks for answers from its mind…although often confuses "reality" from something "made-up". Living isolated within the confines the body; "it" mostly just wants to be "safe" and "independent" .

I call this energy force "ego". And, it too, is always there for us to access.
We’ve all experienced both of these forces in our life. As human beings, we need both to exist. Spirit is the "life force energy" that is about experiencing, creating, expressing and connecting in this world, while the ego is more like a "body guard" or "tour guide". The Ego’s job is to keep the physical body safe, and guide your "spirit" through the journey of life. However, it often oversteps its duties and responsibilities. Most people don’t realize the nature of these two individual forces, and continue to struggle between these two energies. Sometimes, it feels like we have split personalities, but rest assured this is part of the human design. The Ego is much more forceful when it comes to being in control, and thus plays a more dominant role in our lives…often suppressing our true Spirit. Spirit shows up sporadically for most, when we let our "thinking minds" go, spend time in nature, engage in something creative, meditate or get desperate enough to seek assistance. Have you noticed that as soon as you "surrender" solutions appear? When you become more conscious about the nature of these forces, you can learn to access this all-knowing, wise and powerful force in your life more consistently. The result is a life with MORE peace, joy, love, abundance and creative flow and LESS stress, overwhelm, scarcity and fear.

Distinguishing Ego from SPIRIT

Since the Ego can be sneaky in its expression, it’s important to recognize its nature. I’ve included a list below of Ego characteristics and its "Spirit counterpart" . SEPARATION is the common theme to each word set below. The Ego strives to keep you separate from the world, separate in relationships and separate from your Spirit and its full self-expression, joy and inner peace. It does this through resistance, restriction, blaming, being self-righteous and fearful. The ego also expresses itself as "neediness", which is a form of separating from self (separating from your power)…believing that YOU need something "over there" to complete you. The ego has many faces, all working to keep you "separate".

• Separation vs. Connection • Mind vs. Heart • Victim vs. Taking Responsibility
• Excuses vs. Results • SHOULDS vs. Inspiration • Resistance vs. Acceptance
• Restricted vs. Freedom • Confusion vs. Clarity • Suppressed vs. Fully Self-Expressed
• Worry vs. Anticipation • Stuck vs. Creativity • Stressed vs. Peace
• Frustrated vs. Resourceful • Protection vs. Vulnerable • Fear vs. Love
• Laziness vs. Nurturing • Doubt vs. Trust • Scarcity vs. Abundance
• Shut-down vs. Open • Shame vs. Acceptance
• Apprehension vs. Courageous • Struggle vs. Flow

Take the first word in each pair. Perhaps you already recognize how familiar they are to you…as it is for most human beings. Imagine living your life predominantly from these states of being - a life of separation, "shoulds", confusion, restriction, resistance, etc.? How would that feel? Yuck. Unfortunately, this is how 83% of the population lives (read Power vs. Force by David Hawkins).
Take the second word in each pair. Imagine living a life lived predominantly from these states of being? Joy, peace, love, creativity, freedom and full self-expression. While it’s not the norm of today, it is possible. Only 17% of the population access this way of being, and are still subject to the grips of the Ego.

Cultivating Connection with Spirit

How can we access "spirit" so that it naturally becomes the dominant energy force in our lives? How can we maximize the peace, joy and flow in our lives? Below are 7 Keys to get started.

1. Get Present - When we’re truly in the present moment, we have great access to Spirit. When we’re focused on the past, feelings of regret, pain and turmoil can overtake us, cutting us off from Spirit. When we’re focused on the future, we often get distracted in feelings of worry, hope and fear. starving our energies from creating NOW. It is in the "present moment" where we find peace, joy and connection to Spirit.

2. Choose High Vibrations – Consciously choosing high vibration states, such as peace, joy, love, appreciation, generosity and other "good feelings" strengthens connection to Spirit, and deflate the Ego. Anyone that teaches about manifesting abundance always emphasizes the focus on "good feeling states". Like attracts like. The book Power vs. Force quantifies energetic qualities on a scale of 1 to 1000. In addition to empowering emotional states, you can raise your energetic vibration through movement and exercise, drinking water, practicing random acts of kindness, meditation, laughing, spending time in nature and contributing to others. David Hawkins second book The Eye of the I also talks about additional ways to cultivate higher energy states.

3. Take Responsibility through Conscious Choices – Our Egos like to play "victim", and lead you to believe that you’re not powerful or at choice in the matter. Drama. Drama. Drama. No matter what the circumstance, there is always a powerful, responsible choice available. What do you need to ask for? What do you need to let go of? Whose help could you request? What’s the next step you could take? What is your ultimate outcome? When you take responsible action, you are "responding to Spirit". Don't be a victim, make a conscious new choice.

4. Radically reduce "thought" - For most people, this is a tough one. Our human ego-dominated minds like to run non-stop. Many of us assume that "thinking" is intelligence. But, are you doing the "thinking", or is "it" thinking you? Even the most intelligent minds must ultimately learn to break free of "thought", finding stillness - because this is where true freedom lies. It is only in the "stillness" of mind where a different type of "thought" appears and our connection to Spirit comes alive. Eckhart Tolle, author of Power of Now was asked what his greatest accomplishment in life was…and his answer, "radically reducing the thoughts in my mind".

5. Humility – Ego is about being right, criticizing, judging and making others wrong. Stepping into "humility" is the fastest way to release the ego’s grip. (Read The Eye of the I). Admitting critical, judging or self-righteous behavior is liberating. Stepping into "not knowing" is more powerful than "being right". (Read my article on "Humility" from my Soulfully Living Newsletter Issue #25.)

6. Listen to Spirit – In my Mastermind Group, we explored, "How do you tell the difference between the "spirit voice" and the "ego voice"?". Simply put, the ego voice is almost always associated with feelings of angst, resistance, doubt, fear, questioning, guilt and confusion. Spirit’s voice is clear, wise, knowing, precise and brings peace, more often serves your Greater Good.


One of my favorite practices is to "just act on Spirit’s voice". Throughout the day, consciously listen for Spirit to guide your decisions. Clear your head, ask for guidance, and LISTEN. Then, act. It’s important to act quickly, before your Ego can jump in and start analyzing Spirit’s request. Just trust and go with it. If Spirit doesn’t respond immediately with direction, just wait. An answer will show up. Then – act. Try this for ONE WEEK. Every time I make this conscious commitment, I’m amazed at where Spirit leads me. Often it doesn’t make sense in the moment, but then becomes clear later. The gifts are incredible. Try this!

7. Commit to the Process – To cultivate a deeper relationship to Spirit, and radically reduce the control of Ego in your life is a process. Life gets in the way. You’ll notice yourself getting stuck, being fearful, resisting life, and blaming others. But, as you deepen your commitment to the process, you will find you’re able to recognize the destructive and unconscious patterns in your life more quickly, and make responsible, conscious choices to take empowering action.

Mary Allen, CPCC, PCC.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Lightworkers become the "Example"

"You can get to a place where neither praise nor blame touches you. It is a quiet place inside that is likened unto a safe haven, or a port out of the storms of life where you are at peace within yourself. Your world is changing very rapidly and there will be those who are unprepared to handle the energetic shifts that are occurring, and they will lash out against their fellowmen and women. It is for you, however, to hold on to your upliftment and be as an example for others. This is the job of all who would be the lightworkers in this momentous time. "

~The Intenders Bridge~

Sometimes the world can be & feel like a cruel place instead of one of splendor, love & harmony. It's true, I myself am guilty of these feelings at times. Yes, I call myself a "lightworker", an "ascensionist", "spiritual", etc., but I'm also human with human feelings, and daily I am a work in progress, continuing to harness my ego and allow my Light to shine forth.

I was saddened to hear a dear friend and teacher share with me an attack she suffered from one of her students, and also a friend of mine. This individual is a "lightworker", a psychic, and Reiki teacher/practitioner. Without judgement and with love I quickly assessed in my mind "why" this person would cause pain to another, this person who is an energy healer, psychic, and teacher herself. Well, maybe it isn't for me to know, and it isn't my lesson, but it stayed with me and made me think of how we hurt others through our words, actions and "our thoughts". All of which are manifested through fear.

I Am never unamazed by the fact that "we" lightworkers continue to fall into the trap of fear. I mean we practice healing, give seminars and talks, teach workshops, are well-known public figures, write books, and much more on how to ascend, heal, love, and shift our consciousness to higher awareness....and yet, here we are caught up in fear, allowing ourselves to become part of the problem instead of the solution. All that "knowing-ness" right down the drain.

Lightworkers, we must learn to act and respond from a place of love and not fear. Yes, we will be attacked by those with lower vibrations, yes we will create painful lessons for ourselves that are reflections of what is going on in our inner universe. But, lets not become the attacker! When we start judging others (which comes from fear), gossiping, criticizing, or simply attacking the integrity of another, we are lowering our vibration. Not to mention, what is the example we are setting for our students and others.

Let us listen and act with and out of love for one another. Let us honor different belief systems, races and cultures. Let us support our brothers and sisters also on the path of ascension. Let us set the example of peace and love through our words, thoughts, and actions. It is when we can attain this place of love in our Soul center, that we can truly begin to ascend, and integrate our Christ Consciousness and Higher Self. This is what the Buddha & Jesus taught.

Let us Remember!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Clearing Our Relationship with Money

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

In the beginning, our Father-Mother God gave us everything we needed to easily sustain our physical bodies during our Earthly sojourn. We were given the radiance of the Sun, fresh air, water, food and materials from which to build shelters and make clothing for ourselves. The Divine Intent was for our physical needs to be taken care of so that we could focus on using our gift of free will and our creative faculties of thought and feeling to learn to cocreate the patterns of perfection from the Causal Body of God in the physical plane.

It was never the Divine Plan that we struggle from morning until night in mundane jobs just to put food on the table and supply the needs of our physical bodies. That, in fact, is a gross distortion of the original Divine Plan for this planet, and it is a cumbersome distraction from our purpose and reason for being in this school of learning.
After the “fall,” we lost awareness of our Divine Heritage and the fact that we are Children of God. As we descended into denser and denser frequencies of our own human miscreations, we were unable to hear the guidance of our I AM Presence, which we now refer to as “the still small voice within.” To compensate for that void in our lives, we developed our fragmented, fear-based human egos. We gave our power away to this mutated aspect of ourselves and allowed it to manipulate us into believing that we are just our physical bodies and that the physical plane is all that exists.
With that distorted perception, we started believing in lack and limitation. We forgot that we are cocreating this reality and that the unformed primal Light that comprises every particle of Life in the physical plane is limitless. We forgot about the infinite abundance of God, and we started fearing for our very survival. We became afraid that there was not going to be enough of the necessities of life in order for everyone to live in comfort and peace.
We began hoarding the things we needed to sustain our physical bodies which, in turn, blocked the flow of God’s infinite abundance. We are cocreators with our Father-Mother God, so when our fear-based thoughts and feelings reflected on the elemental substance of the Earth, we started experiencing inclement weather conditions which resulted in floods, droughts, famines, plagues and pestilence. When that happened, we were catapulted into a vicious circle. The more we hoarded the things we needed to survive, the less the necessities of life were made available to us and the more afraid we became.
We developed a consciousness of greed and selfishness, which we believed was necessary in order to survive. We started fighting with each other over land, food, water and material things. Eventually we created a monetary system to barter for the very things God had freely given to each of us. As the confusion and chaos built in momentum, our human egos coerced us into believing that whatever we needed to do to survive was appropriate, even if it meant lying, stealing, cheating or killing.
As we witness the meltdown of the global economy, we can clearly see the evidence of this tragic situation everywhere we look. Practically every malady manifesting on Earth can be traced back to the fear-based consciousness of lack and limitation. That is true whether we are talking about the corruption, violence and moral depravity in governments, the military, financial institutions, corporations, the medical, insurance and pharmaceutical industries, religious organizations, educational institutions, some profit and nonprofit organizations or the private sector and individuals.
Our ego-based fear for survival infuses Humanity with a willingness to do whatever it takes to get what we want. For aeons of time, people have continually acted out of the distorted perception of lack and limitation. As a result of that illusion, people everywhere are writhing in the pain and suffering our human egos perpetuated by entrapping us in poverty consciousness.
It is time for us to take back the power our human egos have usurped from us, and it is time for us to give our I AM Presence full dominion of our lives. We have the ability to reclaim our Divine Heritage and to restore the limitless flow of God’s abundance. Never has it been more important for us to do so.
As the Light of God increases on Earth and the negativity that conflicts with that Light is pushed to the surface to be transmuted and healed, we are seeing the global economy reel on the shifting sands of corruption and greed. From outer appearances, it looks like the economy is headed for total collapse, but, in fact, this is the darkness before the dawn.
The purging that is taking place in the economic world is a necessary part of the healing process. The old-age archetypes of greed, selfishness, corruption and moral depravity are being exposed and shattered in order to clear the way for the new archetypes of God’s Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace. Those who are willing to attain their wealth by harming another part of Life are doomed to failure. Whether they are hurting people or polluting the Earth, their nefarious efforts are being exposed in the radiant Light of Divine Truth.

The dog-eat-dog, looking-out-for-number-one selfishness that has been so prevalent over the years cannot be sustained now that the new archetypes are in place. This is the time that has been prophesied when “All that is hidden must now be revealed.” The clandestine schemes of deception and dishonesty that have trapped the multitudes in a web of poverty and fear will not be concealed in a cloak of darkness any longer. The elite few who hoard the wealth of the world while millions live in hunger, disease and squalor will no longer succeed in their self-obsessed ventures.
Poverty is a human miscreation, and it was never intended to be part of our Divine Plan. The distorted patterns of lack and limitation are an illusion that we created and that we are sustaining through our thoughts, words, feelings, actions and beliefs.
The new archetypes of God’s Infinite Abundance and Eternal Peace are based on the Divine Truth that GOD IS OUR SUPPLY, not outer world circumstances. Our natural heritage is the continual God supply of all good things. When we remember this Truth, we open our hearts up once again to the limitless flow of God’s abundance.
This unique moment will be recorded in the Golden Book of Life as the time in which the Era of Eternal Peace and Infinite Abundance was permanently established on Earth. Just imagine, you and I are physically present to cocreate the events that will lift this planet and all her Life into the Light of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance.


In order for us to reclaim our natural Birthright of God’s Infinite Abundance, we need to clear our relationship with money. Since we have chosen to live in a system that uses money as our source of exchange, we need to eliminate our fear of it and realize that money is just a source of energy—period. It is not some awesome entity that comes into our lives to wield its power over us and rule our destinies. It is only because of our fear for survival that we have allowed money to have that kind of control over us.
First of all, we must eliminate poverty consciousness and start functioning with prosperity consciousness. Instead of worrying all of the time about not having enough money, we need to focus on our gratitude for the money we do have. Gratitude is a magnet that brings more of what we are grateful for into our lives.
Every time we spend a penny of our money, whether it is to buy groceries, pay our bills, for entertainment or whatever, we should bless it with gratitude for the service it is providing to us. Then we should let it go freely, knowing that money is just a source of energy and, like ALL energy, it will go out, expand and return to us for more service.
If we send our money forth grudgingly, bemoaning the high cost of living, fearing we won't have enough to cover our expenses, hating to spend it on the necessities of life, we will automatically block the flow of God’s abundance.
The process of developing prosperity consciousness does not mean going out and charging unnecessary things and getting ourselves deeper in debt by spending money we don't have. It does mean, however, that we recognize money is providing a service to us that we should accept with gratitude and appreciation.
As we move forward at warp speed, it is crucial for us to remember that we are responsible for cocreating our own prosperity. We must perpetually ask ourselves, “Is what I AM thinking, saying, feeling or doing adding to my prosperity and prosperity consciousness, or am I blocking my prosperity with fear and poverty consciousness?”
If what we are expressing is reflecting poverty consciousness, then we must ask ourselves, “What do we need to change in order to express prosperity consciousness and open up to God’s flow of abundance right now?” It is imperative that we hold tenaciously to our positive visions and energize them daily with our affirmations and the focus of our attention. We must be deliberate about our wealth. Through persistence, confidence and acceptance we will open our hearts to the God supply of all good things.


The Law of the Circle plays a very important role in our prosperity. The ebb and flow of Life, which is so clearly demonstrated in the Law of the Circle, is a critical factor in order for us to receive God’s flow of limitless abundance. There are many expressions that describe the ebb and flow of our Lifeforce: inbreath and outbreath, radiation and magnetization, giving and receiving, cause and effect, action and reaction, involution and evolution. In order for the Divine Plan to be fulfilled and for us to receive a continual flow of God’s Infinite Abundance, the ebb and flow of our gift of Life must be balanced. If we are receiving more Lifeforce than we are sending out or vice versa, an imbalance is created that blocks the flow.
When we volunteered to embody on Earth to learn how to become cocreators with our Father-Mother God, we agreed that we would cooperate with the Universal Law of the Circle and maintain the balance of our Lifeforce. Our God Parents agreed to provide what we would need to sustain our physical bodies, such as Sunlight, water, fresh air, material for food and shelter and the electronic Light substance that beats our hearts and enables us to live, move, breathe, think and have our Being in the physical plane.
In return, we agreed that we would balance our gift of Life by using our Lifeforce and our creative faculties of thought and feeling to expand the borders of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. We agreed that we would use our gift of free will to observe the patterns of perfection in the Causal Body of God and then combine those patterns in our own unique ways to create new, previously unknown expressions of Divinity in the world of form. We agreed to send forth our gift of Life in ways that would add to the Light of the world. This is easily done through our expressions of love, reverence for all Life, gratitude, wisdom, abundance, peace, joy and happiness, which bless all Life on Earth.
When we fell into the abyss of our own human miscreations, we forgot about the agreements we made with God. Even though we were still receiving and using all of the gifts of Life our Father-Mother God were providing for us, we were not giving anything back in return. We were not fulfilling our part of the agreement by balancing the gifts of Life we were utilizing by adding to the Light of the world. That self-centered behavior effectively blocked the flow of God’s abundance.
Once our supply was blocked, we fell into the dysfunctional pattern of struggling every day just to make enough money to pay for the things we needed to sustain our physical bodies. Those were the same things that God had already given to us for free. When we expend our time, energy and money to pay for what God has already provided for us, it is like not giving anything back at all to balance our gift of Life. That imbalance trapped us in a mode of stagnation. As a result, we were cast into the paralyzing throes of poverty which only perpetuated our consciousness of lack and limitation.
That perplexing condition is the cause of the poverty we have experienced over many lifetimes, and it is the reason for the financial situations that are affecting the global economy now. The good news is that we created this problem, and we have the power to do something about it. We have the ability to renew our contracts with God and to reclaim our prosperity.All we have to do to renew our contract with God is to begin doing what we agreed to do in the first place. That means that we need to balance the gift of Life we receive and benefit from every day by giving something back in return and expanding the borders of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

That may sound complicated, but it is actually very simple. Anything we do to improve the quality of Life on Earth expands the borders of Divinity and adds to the Light of the world. Whatever we do to bless all Life by sharing our love, reverence, adoration, gratitude, wisdom, abundance, peace, joy and happiness further enhances the creation of Heaven on Earth.There are as many ways to open up to the flow of God’s abundance as there are people on the planet devising ways to balance their gift of Life by sharing their love and appreciation. If we specifically want to increase the abundance of money in our lives, however, there is a very specific process we must follow.


At the present time we use money as our means of exchange, so in order for us to attain prosperity and to become financially free, we need to increase our flow of money. We can easily do that by applying the Universal Law of the Circle. Remember, like attracts like. What we send out in the form of energy expands and returns to us. Money is energy. In order for us to attract more money into our lives, we need to send out money.
Needless to say, we are all sending out tons of money to pay for our bodily needs. The problem is, God already provided those needs to us for free, so that money doesn't count as our balancing gift of appreciation for our Lifeforce. In order to increase our cash flow, we must give money back to God, in appreciation for our gift of Life, to support things over and above what we spend to sustain our physical bodies.
The spiritual key to increasing our cash flow is for us to give a portion of our money away to people who will use it to assist in cocreating Heaven on Earth.

There are myriad ways we can accomplish this. We can give money to people, institutions, organizations, charities, spiritual groups, religious groups, corporations, human- or animal-rights groups, environmental groups, human endeavors associated with science, medicine, research, alternative fuels and energy sources, the arts, education, sustainable development, global peace, justice or to any other person, place, condition or thing that we know is working with reverence for ALL Life and a genuine desire to cocreate the wonders of Heaven on Earth.
The general consensus is that if we give as little as ten percent of our income back to God in appreciation for our gift of Life, we will open up to such an influx of money that we won't be able to handle it all. The attitude and consciousness with which we give our money away is critical to our success. Our money must be freely given away with no strings attached. We cannot expect anything in return from the people or places we give it to other than for them to use the money for the highest good of all concerned and to improve the quality of Life on the planet.
Once we give our money away, it is important for us to acknowledge and accept that, in compliance with the Universal Law of the Circle, the money will expand and return to us through the God supply of all good things.
The reason we need to consciously affirm the return of our money is because we have forgotten that money is a form of energy which should have been going out and returning to us all along. We have just been blocking that natural process with our poverty consciousness.

Through the distorted perception of our human egos we have developed the expectation that money goes out but that it never comes back. By affirming our Divine Birthright and decreeing to accept God’s limitless flow of abundance, we reprogram ourselves to expect prosperity. We can start by claiming a tenfold return of our gift, but in Truth, there is no limit to the return we can expect. When we state the following decree with deep feeling, we affirm our gift of love and appreciation and claim God’s flow of abundance on the return current.


I AM giving __($100.00)__ back to God in love and appreciation for my gift of Life.

I AM gratefully receiving __($1000.00)__ from God’s infinite flow of abundance on the return current with the highest good of all concerned.

Once we give our love and appreciation for our Life back to God in the energy of money and claim God’s tenfold return flow of abundance, it is important for us to consciously expect to receive an increase of money. We must not limit God by trying to figure out where the money will come from; we just need to be open and receptive to every single avenue of return.

Every time we receive unexpected money or someone buys something for us or pays for something that we thought we were going to have to pay for ourselves, we should accept that is God’s abundance flowing back into our lives. If things we need are on sale or if our bills are less than we thought they were going to be, that is our gift of money coming back to us. If someone gives us an item that we thought we were going to have to purchase or we get a raise or a higher paying job, we are receiving God’s abundance. If someone finally pays an old debt that we thought was lost forever or we receive a bigger refund than we were expecting on our income tax return, we should acknowledge the money is part of our returning abundance.

As we participate in giving and receiving our money in love and appreciation for our gift of Life, God’s abundance becomes an ever-present state of Being and tangible presence in our lives. The more we fulfill our original agreement with God and balance our gift of Life by adding to the Light of the world through our thoughts, words, feelings, actions, and money the sooner we will be financially free.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
New Age Study of Humanity's Purposea
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

111 Confirmation

Prayer and fasting heals just about anything in a few short days
It's a strange predilection of mankind that we look for confirmation for our aliments. We look to see what happened to everybody else who has experienced similar symptoms to ours, and in doing so, we do ourselves a great disservice. What many people don't realize is that just because somebody else developed a chronic condition after showing similar symptoms to ours doesn't mean that we will do the same.We are all dealing with toxic thoughts, substances, and experiences in our world that may or may not present us with short term aches, pains, bumps, zits, and so forth. It's a part of life nowadays. What we oftentimes forget is that a great many of the things we think we have "wrong" with us are only temporary. They'll go away by themselves in a short time if we leave them alone. Oh sure, sometimes we'll need to adjust our diet or our work habits for awhile, and that is natural.But it's unnatural for us to look too deeply for confirmation for the causes for our aliments. In fact, we put ourselves in harm's way when we delve too deeply, parading every disease imaginable before us, in our quest to find out the cause of an ache or pain. We tend to make things chronic that would have only been temporary. You see people do this all the time. They'll get a new bump somewhere on their body and begin to mull over all the reasons as to how it could possibly have gotten there. They'll check out magazines, talk to friends, and have doctors run test after test as they seach frantically to find out what happened to others who also had similar bumps. In order to validate their own theories (which are growing rapidly now), they'll even resort to looking for coincidences. For example, while walking through a popular coffee shop, they might notice a newspaper sitting on a table with an article in it that describes what happened to a person who had a similar bump - and lo and behold, they treat this as a confirmation for their own condition, and thus make it worse.Fortunately, there are a couple of good antidotes for the toxicity in our world today. First, we can always remind ourself that we are creating whatever we put our attention on, and that when we dig too deeply in search of explanations for our aches and pains, we run the risk of bringing other possibilities into the picture that have nothing to do with our original situation. Instead, we can tell ourself that we are fine and that we do not choose to use our body to act out any sickness scenarios. According to the Law, as we envision ourselves being happy, healthy, and whole, that is what we will create.And second, we can trust that whatever is bothering us is only temporary and will go away on it's own very soon. The shamans and medicine men of old knew that prayer and fasting healed almost everything in a few days. It could be that instead of spending our precious energy in search of confirmation for what ails us, we could stop eating or begin a Master Cleanse, retire into a quiet place where we can be alone for awhile, and ask God to help us. Please understand that we are not saying there is anything wrong with going to a medical practitioner. If you believe that a doctor will help you, then, by all means, that is the route for you to follow. Likewise, if you have a broken bone or need a cut stitched up, then doctors are the experts and can be of great help. But when it comes to diagnosing sicknesses, it's a guessing game and we are still in the medical dark ages. It's easy to come out of a hospital or doctor's office nowadays feeling worse than when you went in. On the other hand, if you can bring yourself to believe in it, you have a just as good or better chance of getting rid of your health challenges through prayer and fasting than by all the remedies prescribed by the credentialed medical establishment. That's a universal fact.
My Intention for today is:

I Intend that I am purifying my body every-so-often through prayer and fasting.

~The Intenders Bridge~